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Sodium iodide is commonly used to treat and prevent iodine deficiency.

Sodium iodide is used in polymerase chain reactions, and also (as an acetone solution) in the Finkelstein reaction, for conversion of an alkyl chloride into an alkyl iodide. This relies on the insolubility of sodium chloride in acetone to drive the reaction.

R-Cl + NaI R-I + NaCl

Sodium iodide doped with thallium, NaI(Tl), when subjected to ionizing radiation, emit photons (i.e., scintillate) and are used in scintillation detectors, traditionally in nuclear medicine, geophysics, nuclear physics, and environmental measurements. NaI(Tl) is the most widely used scintillation material and has the highest light yield of the commonly used scintillators. The crystals are usually coupled with a photomultiplier tube, in a hermetically sealed assembly, as sodium iodide is hygroscopic. Fine-tuning of some parameters (i.e., radiation hardness, afterglow, transparency) can be achieved by varying the conditions of the crystal growth. Crystals with a higher level of doping are used in X-ray detectors with high spectrometric quality. Sodium iodide can be used both as single crystals and as polycrystals for this purpose.

The radioactive iodide salt of sodium, Na131I, is used for the treatment of thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism.

Solubility data

Solubility of NaI in various solvents

(g NaI / 100g of solvent at 25C)



Liquid ammonia


Liquid sulfur dioxide



62.5 - 83.0

Formic acid







57 - 85




3.7 - 6.4


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Sodium Iodide

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