How Much Sodium Should You Have Daily?

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How much sodium should you have daily is a question on the lips of many health conscious people today. It's no wonder, as the story is every changing. Today, coffee is good for you, tomorrow, chocolate is bad for you, next week, out with the coffee and load up on that endorphin releasing slab of chocolate goodness. The mind boggles.

Sodium, better known today as salt, was once a highly prized commodity. The very term "salary" derives from the word "salt" because in ancient Rome a portion of your monthly wage was paid in salt. It brought a new world of possibility to every chef from the hot desert sands of Egypt to the lush tropical jungles of Brazil and forged business arrangements that spanned the globe and still do, today.

Little thought is given as you up-end your salt pot and pour that unique powdery crystal over your waiting meal, but salt has many places of origin. Sea salt is made from evaporated sea water and Kosher salt is made from brine while rock salt is sold in crystal form. For each type, the question of how much sodium should you have daily remains the same. Studies undertaken by the American Heart Association have shown that its advisable to use 2, 300 milligrams of sodium daily and to not exceed that limit.

How much sodium should you have daily can be difficult to judge with the bulk of it being added to the diet via processed foods. An over indulgence in sodium means that the kidney's cannot sufficiently eliminate sodium and the bulk of it is transferred back into the blood stream.

Small amounts of sodium can assist in transferring nerve impulses, in proper muscle function and also in maintaining a correct balance of fluids. Too much can cause fluid retention and high blood pressure. So how much sodium should you have daily? Stick to no more than half a teaspoon and you'll do fine.

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How Much Sodium Should You Have Daily?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01